About KSEF

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KSEF pursues itself as the venue for the talented youths from various countries all over the world where they:
- Expand the scope of understanding of each other by sharing their values each has, including their culture, history, religion, and thoughts,
- Share creative scientific ideas for solving various problems in their lives, and
- Foster a mind to build a consensus for sustainable development and growth of our planet of earth

Ultimately, it can contribute to making a better world.

MEET, SHARE, and GROW for a better world!

The Korea Science Service(KSS) the host organization of the KSEF was established in 2003 to contribute to the development of science and technology education in Korea and to promote science culture among Korean society through the exchange of information on high-tech science.
We have been assisting youths to develop their curiosity and interest in scientific problem solving and to build right knowledge of science so that they can utilize and study them. We have worked hard to foster creative young scientists by running the science fair and various science camps every year.

Thank you.